Is the defNder still available?

The defNder is no longer being manufactured.

Is my defNder still SFI approved?

Yes. Any defnder with an SFI decal, is SFI certified. The defNder is not currently listed on the SFI website because we are no longer in new production. However, any devices still in the field or at retail outlets that have SFI 38.1 stickers on them were properly tested and certified at the time. The certifications for those devices remain valid.

What do I do if my tethers are too tight and I can barely move my head?

Please refer to step 3 in the manual.

What do I do with the tool kit included with the defNder?

#1 – Helmet Hardware installation insert – this handy Tool makes it easier to install your Helmet Hardware and will prevent the Barrel Bolt from rotating while you tighten the Nut inside your helmet. Simply insert this Tool into the “slot” on the Helmet Hardware (where you would typically attach the Tether to your helmet via the Helmet Hardware). Then tighten the Nut on the inside of your helmet. Remove the Tool and insert the Tether.

#2 – Spacer for larger drivers – this is necessary ONLY if you feel that the defNder is too tight around your chest area. The spacers effectively “spread” the Stabilizer Bar. Simply remove the bolt and nut that attach the Stabilizer Bar (the black or green yoke) to the Chassis (the grey part). Insert the spacer between the Stabilizer Bar and the Chassis, then securely re-install the bolt and nut. Repeat on the opposite side of the unit.

Is the defNder approved by my sanctioning body?

Please check the rule book for your particular sanctioning body. If the rule book for your series requires a Head and Neck Restraint (HNR), it will typically specify that the HNR pass the SFI 38.1 standard; the defNder passes this stringent certification. If your series specifies another brand by name only, then contact your technical director and ask them why they are limiting your choices.

What is your return policy?

Wtihin 30 days, we will accept your return and refund your payment less shipping and a $25 re-stocking charge if your DefNder is returned in original condition, with original packaging. If you purchased through a dealer, you must return to the dealer.

How do I install the defNder?

Click here to view our drilling instructions. Click here for our manual.

What other purchases do I need to make with the defNder™ team Issue?

Your team issue comes COMPLETE with no secondary purchases required, if your other safety gear is up to date and accepted by your sanctioning body the defnder will be compatible.

What material is the team issue made from?

The material that the stabilizer bar, chassis, harness flares, and retainer are all made from a high performance injection molded Dupont™ Nylon Composite.

What material is the Motion-Max tether made from?

The Motion-Max tether system was originally made from a DEKRA Certified Polyester Webbing. All defNder models manufactured after Feb 1, 2010 have Motion Max tethers made of Kevlar. The Kevlar tethers successfully passed SFI’s new flame test for fire resistant materials

What sizes does the defNder come in?

The defNder™ currently only comes in one size, it will fit the majority of adult racers starting from the legal racing age, it is also adjustable to suit different seating angles.

What seat is required?

The defNder™ is compatible with all seats allowed by sanctioning bodies. We have had many racers in 10 degree seats successfully use the defNder.

What helmet is required?

The defNder™ will work with any helmet that is allowed by your sanctioning body.

What if the helmet already has holes?

The defNder™ real-eaze uses the same hole geometry as specified by the FIA, if it already has holes pre-drilled or has holes drilled to FIA Specifications then you use the same holes.

Is the defNder™ FIA Homologated?

No, only SFI certified.

Is the defNder™ compatible with a standard 3-pt safety belt?

Unfortunately the defNder™ is currently not compatible with a standard three point safety belt.

What is the range of movement with the defNder™?

The range of movement is on par with other devices with the added safety feature of the VST System for stability in angular impacts.

In an emergency how easy is it to get out of the race car?

It is HIGHLY recommended that you practice your emergency egress from your race car at least once a month BLIND FOLDED, GLOVES ON and VERY FAST. There are few ways to exit the race car in an emergency when using a defNder™ , by releasing the harness buckle and rotating your upper torso and exiting the door or window, or by releasing the Real-eaze and then the harness buckle and leaving the defNder™ in the cockpit.

How much does the defNder weigh?

The approx weight is 2.6 pounts (1200 g).

Will it fit women?

The defNder™ design will fit women, as it does not put pressure on the chest area or cause any other discomfort.

What seating positions will the defNder™ work with?

The defNder™ is adjustable for 20-40 deg via an adjustment of the stabilizer bar.

Will the Stabilizer bar interfere with the bottom of my helmet?

Under normal racing conditions it will not, but with drivers with very short necks, or very deep dish helmets, it may. Never wear a device that limits your vision.

Is it possible to make the Motion-Max tethers shorter than the instruction manual recommends?

SHORTER TETHERS DOES NOT MEAN SAFER OR MORE PROTECTION , please make the lengths of the Motion-max tethers as per the instruction manual, if you have any special requirements please contact us directly.

How are the helmet holes located for the Real-eaze?

Click here for drilling instructions . Click here for our complete manual.

What safety harness is compatible with the defNder™?

You can use any 2 or 3 inch SFI or FIA approved safety harness. Unfortunately, the defNder is not compatible with belts with a sternum strap.

Is shoulder harness padding compatible with the defNder™?

It is recommended that you do not use your shoulder harness padding with the defNder™ , the defNder™ is already comfortable and protects your neck by keeping the harness away from those areas.

What should I do if I am involved in a crash while wearing the defNder™?

In the event of an accident, the user should carefully examine the entire unit for cracks, stress fractures, chipping, paint discoloration, tether stress, deformed hardware etc. and use your own best judgment to decide whether or not the unit should be replaced. The customer may purchase a replacement tether set (all 3 tethers for $75 retail) or helmet hardware set ($75 retail). We do not guarantee the post crash integrity of defNder units; it the sole responsibility of the user to make their own safety decisions.

Should I wear a foam collar or “neck roll” with the defNder?

No, the use of a foam collar is not recommended or required. The defNder is designed to be used without a foam neck collar.